Our Vision

Mater Domini Schools is a pacesetter for academic greatness and high moral rectitude. We are determined to providing qualitative academic standard and indeed an all-round human formation

Our Mission

We are guided by our passion to impact good values to future stars and creating affordable educational opportunities, good morals, discipline and spiritual formation by experienced staff

Our Core Values

* High moral standard
* Qualitative academic and integral human formation
* To be responsible, honest and kind to everyone

Our Plan

We are determined to producing intellectual minds and form our learners to be of good moral rectitude into the larger society.

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Computer Lab

A conducive technological arena with the sole purpose of capturing the minds of our learners into the computer world: laying a reliable foundation for computer literacy


Mater Domini is very mindful of the academic life of her learners. Hence, she provides her with an ultra-modern and conducive library for reading, research and learning.


Mater Domini Schools is also very concern about the health of her learners and her staff and as such has made available for herself an infirmary where a first treatment would be given while in school before and thereafter, letters sent to their parents for proper treatment if illness persists.


A well defined structure for adequate monetary records and accounting.